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The process for buying floors can involve a great deal of trial and error. To avoid doubt, sometimes it's best to see beforehand what floors work best for your home. SimpleFLOORS is happy to offer flooring samples on the collections of your choice in-store, online or through our call center. Choose up to five samples from our full range of hardwood, cork, bamboo and laminate products. Request a free sample pack online and we'll ship it to you free of cost. Each sample pack contains your choice of up to five sample colors and finishes.

If you have questions about the flooring or what selection to make, our personal flooring consultants will assist you in selecting the floors that best reflect your needs and interests.

Requesting your free flooring sample pack is easy!!!


Select Your Samples: If you're on our site, scroll through our floor selections using the color-corrected zoom-capable images and select your color and style preferences for each floor. Keep in mind that you can get up to five free samples in your sample pack.


Verify Your Order: If you have questions or need additional help making a selection, reach out to our personal flooring consultants through our live chat feature or simply give us a call at 800.220.7112. As your personal flooring consultants, we'll make you fully aware of all your options while even suggesting colors and styles that match your desires.


Order Delivery: After you complete your order, your sample will be shipped to you immediately and will arrive within 3-4 business days. Examine our quality workmanship and test the quality. Along with your floors, your sample order will include a brief product guide and a simpleFLOORS appreciation letter.


Follow up: Following your sample request, our personal flooring consultants will give you a call to ensure all went well with the shipping and delivery. We'll happily address questions and concerns you have about the order, and provide further details about quality and availability.


If you decide to purchase a floor in your sample pack, our consultants will guide you through the next phase in the ordering process. We're matchmakers in floors, and will work overtime to make your connection.